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Many apps provide similar features; you can try them as well; it totally depends upon you. There are many important messages we sent and received to our android device. We often receive calls from unknown numbers that are not saved on our phones, and we forgot to save it.

These are the latest stock factory images for your device. If you would like to re-install stock Android, you can follow the below steps. Your device has been powered by another ROM, it will take time to load as it is the first boot for your phone. If the problem still persists then try some other ROM or firmware available for your particular device. We have shown you the easiest ways to flash the stock firmware on your phone. However before proceeding please make sure that you have made a complete backup of your phone storage so that you can recover from a worst case scenario.


  • We will head on and demonstrate two different methods to backup Android ROMs.
  • The battery optimization capability of this ROM was quite impressive when we tried it.
  • Global ROM, Firmware is for Global region and almost can flash for China phone with unlocked bootloader.
  • Finally, the best stock Android phone might be a phone you already have.

Incorporating a plentitude of useful functionalities, this tool has always been the go-to choice for tech enthusiasts and general users alike. By now, let me tell you about how we are going to make NANDROID ROM backup and restore. The second method uses an app called Titanium Backup; this app comes with user-friendly backup solutions. Also, it requires root access, which means if your devices are rooted, you can only use it.

android/stock rom version 1

It allows you to create custom firmware and modify it. Additionally, there is the possibility of flashing images via fastboot and other functions in the updates. A Stock ROM_Firmware is an official software that is designed by the manufacturer for a particular device and it comes default with android mobiles or tablets. It makes every manufacturer’s device unique in terms of looks and features. But if you want to customize your phone and take it beyond what it currently offers, then Custom ROM is the right choice for you. You will get the latest OS updates beforeit is originally released by your device manufacturer.The users are able to get the new OS months before the updates are actually released.

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